Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sunday thoughts and movies

Wow.. A bit of an exhausting Sunday afternoon, and they say Sunday's are the day of rest?  Seems like my bedroom needs a complete overhaul and that's what I've being doing since the late hours of the morning.  Lots and lots of rubbish has accumulated over the years, and it NEEDS to go!  Since I'm moving out of the present house soon, I won't need a lot of the stuff anyway, regardless of memories or not.  There's so many memories with a lot of the items, one being a Daewoo computer I've owned since 1999.  A computer where I was first introduced to home Internet, where I played my first PC game (half life), and where I discovered Chat Rooms for the first time while making some awesome International pen-friends.  Really though, can one hold on to such precious memories?  It's the future that counts... I guess.

These past weeks have been a bit boring really, other than I have managed to watch a few movies.  Inception was one, and I really enjoyed it.  It's one of those movies where you have to pay very close attention to in order to understand the rather intricate plot.  I loved the idea, of "layers" of dreams though.  While one event occurs in a deeper layer, another event takes place in one of the earlier stages of the dream.  Sounds confusing right? but it's pretty straight forward.  I also loved the idea of being an architect of a dream, where one is able to design different worlds within a dream.  It kind of reminds me of the "lucid" dreams I've had in the past.
All in all though, with its clever and well worked out plot, lies some awesome scenes.  I particularly liked the van chase scene where the van rolls down the hill and in the deeper layer they are experiencing the effects of that event and gravity seems to be none-existent.  Amazing huh?  A world where the laws of physics is rather messed up. :D
All in all though, I've seen a few movies during the half of 2010 and this one tops the lot!  Most definitely!


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