Friday, 17 September 2010

Tangerine Dream

Not really about the band here, but more or so about a dream I had last night.  The feeling and the emotion I had,  it was like where one would listen to a beautiful piece of music, or where one would watch a beautiful scene from a movie.  It was that same exact feeling and I woke up wanting to go straight back to sleep.
The dream had lots of detail, quite surreal in places.  But it was a location and with a group of people I felt at ease and comfortable with.  Where I'm usually shy, I was the exact opposite here and istead of the cold, industrial location I'm used to seeing I was placed in a location of a golden field with a pathway that had wooden fencing.  The weather was sunny and warm and there was a gentle breeze at times.  The yellow grass flowing as the wind blew softly.  The sky was blue and had a giant blue earth like celestial body rotating.  It was surreal, but very beautiful to look at.  There was also a girl who I had great chemistry with and talked to with such ease without a worry of saying anything wrong.  It was perfect!!

Dreams are difficult to explain really, but I know one thing... They sure do TEASE people.

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