Thursday, 22 December 2011

Recreation of Drew Darcy's work

This is a recreation of one of Drew Darcy's paintings.  Not sure what it's titled as I don't really follow his artwork.  I'm not too much of a fan of erotic art in general, although his stuff is pretty damn good.  Not exactly out of this world good, but the composition and technique is great.  It has that feel of an "airbrushed" work, even though he uses the conventional oils and brushes.
I promised my sister that I would do this painting for her because she wants to give it as a Christmas present to her husband.    Sometimes I don't know why people ask me, because I'm only an amateur artist (or hobby artist if you like.)  It really was never going to be as impressive as the original, although I tried.  
Anyway, I guess it's a lot cheaper than a print which retails at over £300 pounds.  Shocking!!!

Copied effort :

Original :

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I must be ... nuts!

I really can't believe the amount of stuff I'm reading and watching on the net about spiritualism, politics, and government conspiracies.  I even watched more videos of a guy called Alex Collier.  The previous nut on my blog entry that claims he has "Andromedan" friends speaking to him.  That was back in 1995 though, the videos I'm watching are of present times.  Although he still goes on about his so called Andromedan buddies and the ETs, some of his views actually make sense.  The views on being a slave to the system are spot on, aswell as money and life in general.  I actually prefer his interviews here where a lot of the stuff actually makes sense.

I guess sometimes I'm pissed with the system and maybe it would be great if there was something "better" than all of this.  Because let's face it really, we live one solitary lifetime and we're all being lied to.  
It's really depressing to think that life is all about... labour, money, and survival.  

I guess that's why I've been looking for nutty and crazy info.  I just want SO hard to believe that there's something better.  It would really be comforting.

Anyway... This is a really interesting interview with some valid points.  That is if you can get past his crazier views.  I just take it with a pinch of salt really.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Crazy guy and his Andromedan friends.

I think like I stated in the previous blog entries that I have an open mind about the universe and conspiracy theories, but some things out there on the net are really just too much and this video isn't exempt.  

Although it's "over the top", it's still highly fascinating.  Not because I actually believe any of it, but more so because it's fucking funny.  I know I shouldn't criticise, because people have free will and are allowed to believe what the want.  It's just the ideas he displays are absolutely absurd.  They just seem like they are conjured up from nowhere.  Brilliantly told however, in great detail.  It's just that none of it is "believable."  A lot of the stuff he mentions goes against the the laws of physics.  Not to mention sounding a lot like he borrows them from sc-fi novels.

fair play to the guy though for getting his moment of fame, and I must admit his prediction on NY is a little strange.  Coincidence yeah, but still strange.  (although it was still a year off, and NY is still standing.)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Gary McKinnon : Free energy

So I got more interested in these kind of conspiracy stories, and I must say this is the one that interests me most.  Not just for his story itself but for his views and opinions on free energy for all.  
Now I'm not saying right he did was right, but neither does he have to be persecuted for it either.  To be honest, all they are looking for is to set an example, and they chose him at random.  I mean, other people hacked into a security so weak that even the most amateur of hackers could log in.  It's the kinda thing even a kid would do.
Besides his campaign to avoid extradition, it's also his testimony and views that I find extremely fascinating.  His real reason for hacking into their systems was so to speak, "To gather the truth." and what he discovered would shake even the most skeptic of people.  There's mention of free-energy and anti-gravity technology that mankind would benefit from.  The pros far outweigh the cons.  But why the silence?  Let's forget about an alien technological conspiracy for a while and think more on the lines of human "greed".  I mean what would happen to all the fuel we burn?  Where would all the profits come from if these fuels were no longer needed?

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Moon bases... Outlandish Idea? Maybe, but it still gives me the creeps.

Having stumbled across a video of an ex-nasa employee claiming of structures and architecture on the far side of the moon I thought to myself... Yeah right.  But is this idea really that crazy?  It's a notion that gives me the creeps because every little thing I can think about it seems feasible.  Why the far side of the moon?  Maybe to be more obscure, more secret and not viewable from Earth?  The moon is also billions of years old, and who's not to say a more technologically advanced entity set foot there even before the 20th century and before Neil Armstrong.  
After watching this clip, I just had to research more about it.  There's absolutely tonnes of theories and ideas on this subject.  Although myself I wouldn't believe a large percentage of the crap out there, there are still stories that give me more of an open mind.

However there's always the aspect of spirituality and conspiracy stories.  The guy in this clip states, "because we can't handle the truth".  But if they know, why shouldn't we?  Is it because of the implications on religion?  Or is there something much more deeper here?   

Friday, 2 December 2011

The Draw for 2012

So, it's Ukraine, Sweden and France that England must play in the group stage.  Not such a tough draw, but not easy either.  At least this group gives England a chance to get revenge on the French for that travesty of a Euro game in Portugal 8 years ago.  Good luck Engerrland!

Group B too looks an interesting pick.  Maybe we could call this one the "Group of Death".

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Haunting Soundtrack

Gustavo Santaolalla - Brokeback Mountain

Gives me goosebumps everytime I hear this soundtrack.  It's not really because of the movie either, although the theme and the scenery are beautiful.  It's just a beautiful composition in general.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Armageddon bad dreams now

It's amazing how dreams can affect people the minute they wake up, even though they aren't real.  I just love how one dream I had last night turned from something good into something bad.  I had a vivid dream of a strange place that was completely alien to me, but was something magical and something new.  It was just like traveling to a new place on one's vacation.  It was the setting of a coastal town, and along a stretch of a road alongside a beach when the day was drawing to an end.  Everything seemed okay while walking down this stretch of road, there were people chatting away, families enjoying themselves on their holidays.  Then one moment into the dream, I looked back and saw a massive pitch black cloud of dust about a mile back.  The dust was scuttling slowly towards us.  It was then that I noticed people's change of mood, as their happy emotions turned into cries of terror.

And that was the moment of awakening, to a room that was dark. Then I suddenly had pondering thoughts.  What if this actually did happen?  Where would we go?  How could we escape it?

I think what's more shit scary about these types of dreams is that they aren't really out of the realms of impossibility.  In reality, it could happen... anytime.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Twi-Shite : Freaking Yawn

I used to like going to the cinema, and I still do sometimes.  It's just that there never seems to be anything worth going to see lately.  I won't knock down fans of Twilight, but it just seems to dominate the movie screens, and it irritates me to see that bum face Edward and that emotionless cow Bella get the limelight.  I heard even fans of the series aren't too happy with this 4th installment.
There is one movie that interests me though, but I'm in two minds about watching it due to the disturbing nature.  That movie is about the Australian murders during the 90s in "Snowtown".  I usually don't like movies that glamorize such events, but I can't help but to think how interesting the trailers looked.  It appears gritty and the acting has been praised by many periodicals.

Oh well, I'll just watch the DVD release like I always do nowadays.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Mr Pudding Head

That's how I feel sometimes, but no, not me.  It's actually the title of a painting I'm doing.  I'm having trouble finishing it at the moment because this room is so cold.  I know us people from Britain go on a lot about the weather, but I'm one of those people who just can't stand cold weather.
The painting in general was originally digital work I uploaded couple of years ago on DeviantArt.  It's of a Christmas theme, so it's fitting for the time of year.

I'll just leave a photo of the artist at work since the painting is incomplete.  A crappy one with the way it turned out, and you also can't see me too well.  But I actually prefer that since I hate looking at my ugly mug.  Really though, this photo is just a reflection on who I am.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

This Christmas season I decided to buy... I mean make my gifts.

I'm so glad I got the chance to work with clay again, having discovered some left overs I had forgotten about.  So, this is the result...  A Christmas angel I can give as a gift.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Royston Vasey and the league of gentlemen

God, I love this series.  I love all those bizarre characters that have their own stories to tell.  Although they are all played by 3 actors, they still have their own unique individuality - just like real people.  Sometimes I believe I should belong in such a place, amongst all the other weirdos in this small town community.  A world where surreal events take place, and nothing ever seems quite... right.

Cheers lads for opening up my imagination to a whole new world.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The first post here well into a year.

I just thought about keeping tabs on life here, a kind of hidden corner of the web.  So yeah, I'll feel more comfortable writing here my thoughts.

Another day nears the end, and I'm officially tired.  Never get that many commissions, but I was asked to make another Blackadder portrait for a guy in Gibraltar.  It took a while, but it turned out pretty good I think.  I think I made a much better painting this time around.

I must say, I enjoy getting commissions as I like making stuff for people.  But also the added bonus of getting paid too. :D