Saturday, 7 January 2012

How did I allow myself to...

Get into matters of being interested in strange phenomena again.  It's something I used to read up a lot about when I was still in Secondary school and at the age of 12.
I guess there's nothing wrong with that, it's just that in terms of what's true or not, there's so much disinfo out there.  The stuff that can confuse your mind a little, where you get the crazies.  But there's also some really credible information out there too that can open your mind a little.
I think myself, if there are aliens that are visiting our planet.  I would really like to know if they believe in God, or are spiritual (or more so) than ourselves.  It's food for thought.  Since we look up to the stars at night, and we wonder sometimes about our background, or basically how we came to be.  I wonder if they think on the same thoughts?
I guess I would also like to know if they value life more than we do?  We live but once, and we are sometimes so negative.  We build things, then we destroy it.

I could really imagine this scenario where these highly intelligent beings look up another planet which is capable of life through a form of telescope.  Which then they would travel through their advanced technology to explore.  Just like Christopher Columbus did to discover unknown territories.  Then they discover primitive tribes, capable of being influenced.

I guess I read too much of Chariots of the Gods... but sometimes (for me anyway because I know how much people hated that book) some things slot into place.

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