Saturday, 4 February 2012

Certain times bring back certain moods.

Moving house is really taking a long time, lots of relying on other people to sort out there arrangements.  Not to mention the packing of stuff on my side too.
Today though, I came across some language books from when I started to learn other languages.  It was once one of my hobbies, and to be honest I am quite good at picking up languages.  One of the days, I want to start again.  It's just some things that really deter me, like.. not traveling too often, or not being confident with other people.  But other than that, I adore learning languages.
Could it be this time that I want to pick up something a little more "complex" and strange to me?  Say something like Chinese or other languages that doesn't use the Latin alphabet.  It certainly would be a challenge anyway.

I'll really have to decide when this nightmare of a move is over.  A time when I'll have more of a clear mind. (hopefully)

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