Saturday, 18 February 2012

It alllllllllllllll Draaaaaaaaags on...

I really get sick and tired of these celebrities sometimes.  They're everywhere, you can't avoid their antics.  I'm sure they don't like getting followed around by the paparazzi, but for God's sake, why do we have to hear about their everyday lives?, or their sordid lifestyles?  Yes they're human, please wake up already!  Stupid media.

It's just something that gets to me and I apologize from the bottom of my heart if this seems like a stupid rant.

Anyway, more painting work from me recently.  I guess it's a kind of romantic thing, where the boy in the flying machine has flown to his friend, and has asked her to go away with him to a far away place.  Funny why I do these things sometimes, because I really haven't got a romantic bone in my body.  I just like to think I could be sometimes... Or at least wishes.

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