Saturday, 26 November 2011

Armageddon bad dreams now

It's amazing how dreams can affect people the minute they wake up, even though they aren't real.  I just love how one dream I had last night turned from something good into something bad.  I had a vivid dream of a strange place that was completely alien to me, but was something magical and something new.  It was just like traveling to a new place on one's vacation.  It was the setting of a coastal town, and along a stretch of a road alongside a beach when the day was drawing to an end.  Everything seemed okay while walking down this stretch of road, there were people chatting away, families enjoying themselves on their holidays.  Then one moment into the dream, I looked back and saw a massive pitch black cloud of dust about a mile back.  The dust was scuttling slowly towards us.  It was then that I noticed people's change of mood, as their happy emotions turned into cries of terror.

And that was the moment of awakening, to a room that was dark. Then I suddenly had pondering thoughts.  What if this actually did happen?  Where would we go?  How could we escape it?

I think what's more shit scary about these types of dreams is that they aren't really out of the realms of impossibility.  In reality, it could happen... anytime.

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