Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Twi-Shite : Freaking Yawn

I used to like going to the cinema, and I still do sometimes.  It's just that there never seems to be anything worth going to see lately.  I won't knock down fans of Twilight, but it just seems to dominate the movie screens, and it irritates me to see that bum face Edward and that emotionless cow Bella get the limelight.  I heard even fans of the series aren't too happy with this 4th installment.
There is one movie that interests me though, but I'm in two minds about watching it due to the disturbing nature.  That movie is about the Australian murders during the 90s in "Snowtown".  I usually don't like movies that glamorize such events, but I can't help but to think how interesting the trailers looked.  It appears gritty and the acting has been praised by many periodicals.

Oh well, I'll just watch the DVD release like I always do nowadays.

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