Monday, 27 September 2010

Just random thoughts

Whatever happened to summer?  It just came and gone like a fart in the wind.  It's not like it was even a terriffic summer, it rained a lot.  This is something I'm dreading from now on though.  Those winter blues, the short days, the COLD!
Well, anyway... I thought I'd order myself some more games, since I won't be going out all that much on the evenings from now on.  I'm hoping to win Mafia 2 for £6 pounds on Ebay.  Trouble is, do I trust a digital download?  It's something I've never come accross before on a sale of a game.  I dunno, all this new technology does my head in sometimes.  I kinda liked the good old days when one would have gone into WHSmiths or a shop alike and took a game to the counter to buy.  There's kinda like this anticipation aswell, sort of like, "ooh, can't wait to get home and play this game!!"  I miss those days.
On the theme of Mafia 2, I had this incredible dream.  One which I MUST write down to remember and look back upon.  Geez, it was almost like a movie.  But I mentioned Mafia 2 because of the nature of the dream.  Oh, so much violence, and damn... interesting characters?  I mean how could I dream up characters?  I don't even have that much of an imagination?  Well, I played a part in it too.  I was a Russian sniper called Leonardo. (yeah, typical Russian name right?) and I was in a group of renegades, and each individual had special skills.  We were on this mission, and I had to assassinate some important figure, while the other guys would get us all out of security.  Only the mission flopped, they somehow found out and we were rumbled. 

LOL sometimes I wished I lived in a dream, life can be pretty tedious at times.  A tragic statement to make huh?!

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