Saturday, 18 September 2010

Movie 2010 ... A good year?

I don't know, but I can't lie, I haven't been to the cinema this year so far thus that many times.  Sometimes I look at the list to see what is on and I disregard each movie I read.  It's either because I don't like the sound of them, or because of other peoples reviews.  While the movies I have seen however, have been dissapointing (with the exception of Inception.)  It's also the year where again, we've seen some unnecessary remakes.  A nightmare on Elm Street (although out of curiosity I was eagerly awaiting to see.) wasn't a patch on the original movie.  Freddy Kruger lost his iconic appeal in this movie, and the dialogue was cringe worthy.  Clash of the Titans was a farse.  Big on effects, but little on anything else.  It just lost any charm the original movie had while some of the actors looked completely bored being there.  Sam Worthington's wooden performance of the hero Perseus was laughable.  That's no discredit to the actor himself, it is just the way the movie was all panned out.
2010 is also yet another year of "drab" comedies.  The latest effort being a movie (which I was unfortunate to go and see) called The Other Guys.  A movie which probably has an initially okayish concept of two cops who are outcasts that strive to be something else, something more special.  But fails on delivering something new in the way of laughs.  We're yet again seeing Will Ferrel in his particularly annoying type-cast appearance with his usual brand of crude humor, and although Mark Whalberg has his moments, it's not particularly the kind of role I would like to see him in.  Wasted!

I guess I'm saying, I'm rather dissapointed with the quality of movies this year.  But the one outstanding exception being Inception.  A big congratulation to Chris Nolan for delivering another fine film of a year.

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