Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Crazy guy and his Andromedan friends.

I think like I stated in the previous blog entries that I have an open mind about the universe and conspiracy theories, but some things out there on the net are really just too much and this video isn't exempt.  

Although it's "over the top", it's still highly fascinating.  Not because I actually believe any of it, but more so because it's fucking funny.  I know I shouldn't criticise, because people have free will and are allowed to believe what the want.  It's just the ideas he displays are absolutely absurd.  They just seem like they are conjured up from nowhere.  Brilliantly told however, in great detail.  It's just that none of it is "believable."  A lot of the stuff he mentions goes against the the laws of physics.  Not to mention sounding a lot like he borrows them from sc-fi novels.

fair play to the guy though for getting his moment of fame, and I must admit his prediction on NY is a little strange.  Coincidence yeah, but still strange.  (although it was still a year off, and NY is still standing.)

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