Monday, 19 December 2011

Gary McKinnon : Free energy

So I got more interested in these kind of conspiracy stories, and I must say this is the one that interests me most.  Not just for his story itself but for his views and opinions on free energy for all.  
Now I'm not saying right he did was right, but neither does he have to be persecuted for it either.  To be honest, all they are looking for is to set an example, and they chose him at random.  I mean, other people hacked into a security so weak that even the most amateur of hackers could log in.  It's the kinda thing even a kid would do.
Besides his campaign to avoid extradition, it's also his testimony and views that I find extremely fascinating.  His real reason for hacking into their systems was so to speak, "To gather the truth." and what he discovered would shake even the most skeptic of people.  There's mention of free-energy and anti-gravity technology that mankind would benefit from.  The pros far outweigh the cons.  But why the silence?  Let's forget about an alien technological conspiracy for a while and think more on the lines of human "greed".  I mean what would happen to all the fuel we burn?  Where would all the profits come from if these fuels were no longer needed?

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