Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I must be ... nuts!

I really can't believe the amount of stuff I'm reading and watching on the net about spiritualism, politics, and government conspiracies.  I even watched more videos of a guy called Alex Collier.  The previous nut on my blog entry that claims he has "Andromedan" friends speaking to him.  That was back in 1995 though, the videos I'm watching are of present times.  Although he still goes on about his so called Andromedan buddies and the ETs, some of his views actually make sense.  The views on being a slave to the system are spot on, aswell as money and life in general.  I actually prefer his interviews here where a lot of the stuff actually makes sense.

I guess sometimes I'm pissed with the system and maybe it would be great if there was something "better" than all of this.  Because let's face it really, we live one solitary lifetime and we're all being lied to.  
It's really depressing to think that life is all about... labour, money, and survival.  

I guess that's why I've been looking for nutty and crazy info.  I just want SO hard to believe that there's something better.  It would really be comforting.

Anyway... This is a really interesting interview with some valid points.  That is if you can get past his crazier views.  I just take it with a pinch of salt really.

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