Thursday, 22 December 2011

Recreation of Drew Darcy's work

This is a recreation of one of Drew Darcy's paintings.  Not sure what it's titled as I don't really follow his artwork.  I'm not too much of a fan of erotic art in general, although his stuff is pretty damn good.  Not exactly out of this world good, but the composition and technique is great.  It has that feel of an "airbrushed" work, even though he uses the conventional oils and brushes.
I promised my sister that I would do this painting for her because she wants to give it as a Christmas present to her husband.    Sometimes I don't know why people ask me, because I'm only an amateur artist (or hobby artist if you like.)  It really was never going to be as impressive as the original, although I tried.  
Anyway, I guess it's a lot cheaper than a print which retails at over £300 pounds.  Shocking!!!

Copied effort :

Original :

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