Saturday, 17 December 2011

Moon bases... Outlandish Idea? Maybe, but it still gives me the creeps.

Having stumbled across a video of an ex-nasa employee claiming of structures and architecture on the far side of the moon I thought to myself... Yeah right.  But is this idea really that crazy?  It's a notion that gives me the creeps because every little thing I can think about it seems feasible.  Why the far side of the moon?  Maybe to be more obscure, more secret and not viewable from Earth?  The moon is also billions of years old, and who's not to say a more technologically advanced entity set foot there even before the 20th century and before Neil Armstrong.  
After watching this clip, I just had to research more about it.  There's absolutely tonnes of theories and ideas on this subject.  Although myself I wouldn't believe a large percentage of the crap out there, there are still stories that give me more of an open mind.

However there's always the aspect of spirituality and conspiracy stories.  The guy in this clip states, "because we can't handle the truth".  But if they know, why shouldn't we?  Is it because of the implications on religion?  Or is there something much more deeper here?   

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